Monday, October 20, 2008

My Authorship with this Project

As an artist, my role is to reflect the world of North Central back to the viewer showing the reality that presents itself through the video investigation. I want to give the viewer a sense of North Central's identity based on what the people in the project expressed. I suspected this answer would fluctuate and shift depending on the individual, and this suspicion proved true. What I discovered in this project was a more diverse cultural and artistic environment, unseen and ignored by what has been cast to us through the media. My artistic expression has a direct relationship to my responsibility to the people who participated in this project. My objective was to keep the recorded information uncensored. There was no staged scenes or placement of footage of human subjects. However, I have used an editing technique to superimpose images of the neighbourhood throughout all of the interviews and commentary creating a sense of metamorphosis between the urban landscapes and the people who inhabit them. The camera lens travels through the neighborhood, bringing an environmental perspective while the commentator's voice themselves.

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