Friday, September 5, 2008

On The Alien

The Alien is the outsider - the other who does not fit within the borders of the norm or the masses. The alien is outside the border of what defines a cultural or social group.

"The tension between difference and identity leads to sanctification of the Alien". V. Flusser, On the Alien. "Self-identification requires one to differentiate from others", which leads to discrimination of others. The Alien establishes differences so we can have identity and establish borders.

Crisis of Identity creates a disintegration of a social order. To create identity, the masses create the Alien, the guilty, someone to blame.

Religion: Alien in religious myth is ambiguous. Saints are aliens because they are holy yet "devilish". The Alien "negates" you while at the same time "affirms" you.

Paradigm Shift: The world is changing from the old order - linear system of knowledge now challenged by globalization as well as global/circular networks. (literary vs. internet)

Borders exist when cultures are different: language, experience. Global communication networks are breaking down borders and there is a free flow and exchange of information more easily transmitted around the world. Will this change the way cultures are defined in the future?

Artist as Alien. An artist's role is sometimes that of the activist who may comment on social issues. Artists are interpreters of different cultures, societies, and realities.

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