Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Festival

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1264 Athol Street

Today I visited the Fall Festival event to make some contacts with people who live and work in North Central. I originally heard there was going to be a “Round Dance”, but it turned out to be a Barbeque and play day - the organizers had set up a giant plastic slide and a “dyna-bouncer castle” for the little kids to enjoy. I heard other activities included basketball, field hockey and a tug-of-war I had a very pleasant time talking to some of the people there and they were friendly and willing to share and speak to me. The message was mixed, though, that there were good and bad things about the neighbourhood.

It was most important to note that when I explained my project as an art student, and what I was hoping to accomplish, most of my interviewees brought up the “MacLean’s Magazine” article. There was a mixture of positive and negative signs around the event, for example, this was a family fun event, yet in front of Scott Collegiate, two police cars sat parked. At one point I heard loud rap music coming from a car that pulled up. I recognized the rapper called “The Game”. A few young men got out of the car to see what was going on. After breaking the ice about “The Game”, I spoke to one, “CJ” whose jaws were wired shut due to a fight. I captured his diaglogue on tape. As well I spoke to a young man, Shea McNabb, who used to live in North Central, but now lives in the Cathedral area. He also spoke of the MacLean’s Magazine article and offered some of the things he knew, heard and experienced.

A most interesting interview was taken with the coach of the basketball and football teams of Scott Collegiate. They had just arrived from a game. I introduced myself to him and told him what I was doing and he was very affable and willing to participate in my project. He said he also taught school at Scott Collegiate. He was very positive about the area and the school, the people and his choice to be there.

Other contacts of note was Dauna Ditson, who was the “Marketing and Communications Director” of the North Central Community Association. She was helpful and promised to meet me when she wasn’t so busy, as well as the President of the North Central Community Association, Brenda Mercer. Other people I hope to contact would be Tsquared (employment program), Saskatchewan Abilities Council, and some of the people associated with Scott Collegiate.

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